One of our most popular items, our finished wheels show you the true grain of a Huon Pine tree. Cut from a salvaged log and finely sanded, the naturally formed growth rings shine through on these beauties. Can you count the rings to find out how old your piece of Huon Pine is?

A tree 100+ years old grown on the West Coast, salvaged by us, cut and racked out to dry, finely finished so that they almost feel soft to touch and branded with our logo this wheel is 100% Tasmanian grown and made!

Finely sanded and short grained, your Huon Pine wheel MUST be oiled.

For food purposes (chopping board, cheese board, serving platter) please use a food safe oil such as Grapeseed Oil, Organ Oil, nut oils or a mineral based oil (Olive Oil is not recommended) Apply at least 3 coats of oil with 30 to 60 minutes between coats. Re-oil regularly, depending on use.

To care for your board, wash in hot, soapy water and allow to airdry naturally, and remember, do not wash your board in the dishwasher!

For other uses, a varnish or oil can be used.

Please note that the dimensions may differ by a CM or 2, they are not oerfectly round but are a true, unique piece of Huon Pine!

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