huon-pine-morrisons-slide-1 Pine View Products Huon Only grows in Tasmania, more commonly on the West Coast and in the South West.

Daily Tours​

Huon Pine Mill

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The best smelling shop in Tasmania! Interesting and unusual pieces for every pocket, we had a short history lesson which was most interesting too

Great place to visit, especially after a day on the river. Timber is well priced and that Huon smell is amazing. Good to see salvaged logs being put to use and not just lying at the bottom of the river. A must see when in Tasmania

Fantastic place to visit. No hassle browsing and sniffing of the beautiful huon pine products. Take some time and enjoy all that is on offer. Do yourself a favour and buy some for the family to enjoy as well.

Fantastic place to pick up raw timber cheaply for turning into something yourself at home. Also great place to buy ready made items. Very informative and comical demonstration of how the early settlers cut the wood into planks.

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